Friday, March 16, 2012


I discovered Strapya-World after scouring the interwebs for a casing worthy of my phone, i.e., a casing that is so snug that I can finally stop replacing my screen protector for the nᵗʰ time. Being that the company is based in Japan (as opposed to one based in Nigeria), I knew right off the bat that they were going to be trustworthy, online transaction-wise. The Hubb was wary, as he usually is when it comes to buying stuff online

To pacify his worries, I first set out to check the company's Facebook page, Strapya-World Fan Page, see if it was legit. There, a smorgasbord of comments, all positive. eBay-wise, this was a seller with 100% feedback. I wanted to be absolutely certain for when I present my case to him who is wary, so I emailed their customer support. I was delightfully surprised when I got a very quick reply! Detailed one, at that; they answered all my questions straight to the point. 

I was satisfied. And with my persuasion + feminine wiles, I uprooted The Hubb's wariness.

Strapya-World's customer support strongly suggested that I avail myself of the Express Mail Service (EMS). I checked up on the implications of EMS and found out that it was going to go through our post office, PhilPost. Here is where I got wary. Our post office does not have a good track record and that is based on personal experience, not just from blogs but GMA News itself, which can be found here (it's a four-year old news but the fact remains to this day). The good thing with EMS is that there is a tracking number and if you're neurotic like yours truly, you'd check at least ten times a day despite the no change in the status of your parcel.

True to its word, my parcel did arrive in our area within three days. And sticking to its track record, I didn't hear anything from our post office. I was way too excited for my stuff to wait for this inefficient Phililppine postal service. I went there with a print out of the tracking site, showing that my parcel had arrived and is under their custody; gave the grumpy girl at the post office's claiming section my tracking number; and got my parcel. I brisk walked to my car and tore the package open.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.
SwitchEasy Colors in Viola
Charm Apli Sweets in Vanilla Ice Cream
Food Sample On The Spoon in Rice with Sunny Side-Up Egg

That sunny side-up egg looked so real, I almost took a spoonful! And that miniature vanilla ice cream got me craving that I bought one on the way home. Finally, my screen protector can focus on protecting instead of sticking. Strapya-Worldyou are everything I want in an online store! And then some.