Tuesday, November 6, 2012

•{The Bus Stop Mis-View}•

Time for this long overdue blog post. I've been remiss on blogging on account of nothing; laziness, probably; or an empty, wander-less mind. I have failed my dear friend, Jelian -- on two counts.

A few months back, I had to get myself on base to meet up with The Hubb. I had just learned the mechanics of commute from our house to base -- schedule, stops, etiquette and all that hoopla -- by myself. With no cellphone, for me to ask for coaching. After we got everything tended to, we had to part ways: him to work and me, back home.

Being the good husband that he is, The Hubb asked me which stop I was going to catch the bus at, just so he knows I'm headed the right way. I told him the one across Daiei mall. Well, there are two bus stops right outside the mall. He clarified, "The one right by the gun shop?" "Uh... the one right by the café." At this point, it was summer in Japan and the humidity was getting to me, so I didn't really care which one he was referring to.

So we did the ceremonial kiss-goodbye, the 'see you at homes'. I walked toward the bus stop. To cross the street you have to use the walkway which gives you a bird's eye view of your surrounding. As I got closer, I spied with my little eye (that really did grow big, in disbelief) this:
YES, we were talking about one and the same bus stop all along. I had never noticed that Gun Shop before then and I was a regular at that bus stop. 

Clearly, we each had our own perspective and we each saw the bus stop in a totally different light. His could easily be attributed to the fact that he works with guns all day long and actually loves tinkering with them. Tinker Sailor Soldier (not Spy). The Hubb was therefore, fated to be drawn to the Gun Shop. And me... who doesn't love cafés? Really. Unlimited supply of various teas and coffees and of course, pastries. Reading for hours on end. Ambience. People-watching, probably one of my favorite pastimes, especially with a friend. 

Or it could simply be because of the fact that men really are from Mars and women, from Venus.

(P.S. Jelian, here's making it up to you: I've made the promised special mention and wrote a new post.)