Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I like to think I'm old-fashioned. I lve getting stuff in our mailbox: greeting cards complete with handwritten messages, boxes of goodies, care packages and of course, letters. 

Today, I spied with my little eye a big envelope in our mailbox.
It's things like this that makes me feel blessed. 

There was no doubt as to who had sent it to me.

When I was in Wisconsin last May, I frequented Madison where my forever friend, Jessica lives. I lve Madison, it's one of my favorite cities. On one of the nights I was there, Jessica and brother Joshua introduced me to the ways of Kinfolk and a sneak into the life and comedy of Chappelle. We supped in Kinfolk-like manner, with organic meat and rose-flavored sparkling water -- in wine glasses, of course. We topped our dinner off with frozen kefir and a one minute view of Chappelle's Show, because neither of us could agree what to watch and none of us paid attention, anyway.

I delicately opened the envelope; I want to save it. There it was, my first Kinfolk magazine. I smelled it as I let the pages go through my thumb and I knew right away that the paper used is none of that shiny, glossy ones. I lved that.

For some reason (that I should have known), Jessica sent me volume eight. In the years of writing each other letters and sending goodies, every item was always attached with significance. This one though, I wasn't sure why. Then I got to this page.
Indubitably, sakura.

Scanned some more. I wasn't expecting it but it didn't come as a surprise either when I saw the coffee I was raving about -- Omotesando K▢ffee featured on this publication.

I miss Japan. 

And now, I am going to "wallow in the quagmire"of longing for Japan through Kinfolk, care of Jessica.